Philippa Horton

I graduated in 2005 with a degree in chiropractic. In 2010 I decided to explore other areas of complementary health broadening the spectrum of what I could offer my patients. Now, having moved away from chiropractic and into the osteomyology profession, alongside the diagnostic, mobilisation and manipulative skills acquired I also offer a variety of soft tissue techniques from trigger point therapy to effluage, deep tissue work and kinesiology taping as well as stress and anxiety management techniques. This enables me to tailor my treatments to the needs of the individual and effectively treat many biomechanical problems, including sports injuries and their rehabilitation.
I am currently registered and insured with the association of osteomyologists
To get in contact or make an appointment please do so via enq[email protected] or message through Facebook<

Prices are £50.00 for a 1 hour first appointment and £40 for a follow up.
Services offered:
Joint mobilisation and manipulation

Trigger point therapy

Kinesiology taping

Deep soft tissue work and myofascial release

Stress management advice

Postural, ergonomic and sports advice and their rehabilitation

Treatment can help:
Acute and chronic injuries

Joint pain

Neck, shoulder and arm pain

Elbow, Forearm and wrist pain

Back, hip, pelvic, leg pain

Knee and ankle pain

Muscles strains and sprains

Sports injuries

General flexibility

Anxiety management

Stress and postural issues