Lesley Lyons RMANM, PGhom

Homeopath Lesley is a qualified Post Graduate Homoeopath since 2007 and trained in Birmingham & Bath in 2005. She is registered with the Association of Natural Medicine. Lesley has over thirty years of experience in health and wellbeing with - some of those years spent as a nurse. Her Post Graduate certificate is from the world renowned Allen College of Homoeopathy in Essex.

As a Homoeopath Lesley has an interest in treating patients with conditions that have had an effect on mental health, particularly M.E. or chronic fatigue syndrome. She uses natural remedies without side effects that stimulate the body to heal itself as it is meant to.

Lesley has a special interest in issues such as stress, ill health, depression and emotional issues.

Lesley’s passion is helping patients to see their own strengths and weaknesses that lets them recover at their own pace to a sustained health and holds their hand on their journey to find physical and emotional wellbeing.

THERAPIES Homoeopathy

Allergies/ hay fever
Bowel disorders, I.B.S, diverticular disease, constipation
Hormonal imbalances, menopause, P.M.T
Hypertension/ Hypotension
ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Menstrual disorders
Post viral fatigue syndrome
Sleep Problems

Bi Polar syndrome
Chicken pox/mumps
Ear infections
Gall Stones
Kidney Stones
Panic Attacks
Viral infections

Diploma in Homeopathy
Post Graduate certificate in Homeopathy
Registered Member of the Association of Natural Medicine (RMANM)

“Lesley has helped my journey to health from suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many years. I am now able to hold down a full time job and understand my own energy meter. She brings a calm atmosphere to feel safe and makes you feel at ease and allows you the space to be ‘you’ without judgement. I continue to have homeopathy and guidance from Lesley for whatever life throws at me- my daughter now also sees Lesley on a regular basis” SE

“Lesley helped me when suffering from cancer of the mouth- my family wanted me to have conventional treatment but I did this on the understanding that Lesley helped me through it also. She alleviated the symptoms of the various treatments and my consultant could not understand how I was healing so quickly afterwards, I remain cancer free due to regular treatment.” JA

“Lesley has helped me and my daughter who is 2 years old through violent temper tantrums and this has allowed our family unit to become as peaceful as it ever can be with two other siblings!!! Many thanks”. JH

“I came to see Lesley for help with my intolerance towards my husband as it was getting worse and did not feel ‘myself’. She allowed me the space and safety to let out my frustrations - I had not realised I had been storing these emotions up for such a long time. I felt so much better after the consultation for someone just listening to my story without judgement. My healing process started just by talking and continued after taking the prescribed remedy to a renewed and loving relationship with my husband.”